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The Robo-Designer – Next Level Automation

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This is an automation script that is designed for Adobe Illustrator and will only work in Adobe Illustrator. It is not compatible with any other type of software. Before purchasing, please make sure you own a working copy of Adobe Illustrator.

What you can do with it... 🤖

With this Adobe Illustrator script you can automatically create either purely text-based designs or also text-based designs which have been combined with a design element. You can feed in a single phrase or a list of phrase and the script will automatically generate a collection of designs with various different styles and alignment. There are various settings which you can adjust to your liking, in order to achieve your preferred outcome.

User Interface

Tutorial Video

Sample Output 🌇

Note to people who were led here by accusations made on Twitter:

Previously I showed some sample output of the script here. This script generates random combinations of design elements and commonly used t-shirt quotes. Unfortunately, it seems the random output from a list of such quotes generated something that could be interpreted as subtle homophobia. While I did not understand this connotation at the time, I now realize that some people could have been offended by this. This was not intentional and I hereby apologize for this mistake. The subsequent shitstorm stirred on Twitter is something I have never seen before. Random, anonymous people proceeded to call me a homophobe, a nazi and a scammer. I understand many people do not like NFTs, but they are clearly crossing a line here. It does not give them the right to defame me in public based on nothing but circumstantial "evidence". Especially when their claims are utterly false. I do not appreciate being insulted and called things which I am not. None of these people know who I am and what my views are. They have no clue how I vote. They also do not know who my friends are and therefore obviously do not know that it is filled with members of the LGBT community who I dearly love. Thus they have no right to make such false claims. They are acting as self-righteous judges and executioners. They are making false claims filled with nothing but aggression and hate. They choose to make these claims behind anonymous profiles because it's convenient for them to do so. Their identities and reputations are not subject to the public's whims. If you are going to berate me, at least have the stomach to do so using your real name. How cowardly is that? I have removed the images because I now understand the mistake I seem to have made. I apologize for this and do not want to be associated with something I don't support. Nevertheless, I now ask that you leave me in peace just as I will leave you in peace. Thank you!

Lifetime Updates ⏳

You will receive all updates for free, forever, without a subscription.

However, please understand that this in no way implies a guarantee that updates will be developed. It just means that if something needs to be fixed or adjusted, then you obviously won't have to pay for such an update.

About Me 🎨

I got into print-on-demand as a side-hustle in 2008 and have been making money selling merch online for over a decade now. I share my experience both on The T-Shirt Academy as well as via my research and strategy guide The Heidorn Report.

In 2017 I co-founded the design service ThreadBasket and most recently joined forces to create the German account-flipping service Flipstorm. It's been a wild ride!

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— Antonio V.

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"Out of all the annoying T-Shirt "gurus", I like your stuff."

— Pete Harrison

Happiness Guarantee ⭐

Your happiness is my number one priority. If you have a problem within the first 7 days, I'll solve it, refund it, or whatever it takes to ensure you walk away happy.

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The Robo-Designer – Next Level Automation

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