The Heidorn Report: Merch Research & Strategy

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What is The Heidorn Report?

The Heidorn Report is a monthly subscription for all Merch and Print-on-Demand Sellers. Subscribers receive a Research or Strategy Guide approximately 2-3 times per month. Every guide is jam-packed with tons of research data and strategies that will help you with your everyday work. Primary focus is on the US market because it simply offers the best revenue potential. However, I will also increasingly cover the European markets as well every now and then.

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How do I use the data and insights from these reports?

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Who is this subscription for?

Literally anyone can benefit from the subscription. Whether you're an advanced seller just looking for inspiration and new approaches or a complete newbie. The Heidorn Report is about providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions while also providing you with the type of content for which you'd otherwise shell out $300-$500, just in order to buy a "cat in the bag" online course. With this subscription you've got the best of all worlds.

  • Real, hard, quantitative data that matters
  • Educational content that helps you up your game
  • Eye-pleasing aesthetics, if that's your thing ;-)
  • Design elements that help you pimp your merch
  • There's virtually no risk in giving this a try!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

How can I reach you?

Via email

⬇️ FREE Sample Report ⬇️

What's included in the subscription?

  • 2-3 super detailed Research- or Strategy Guides per month with tons of content (approx. every 14 days)
  • Every new subscriber receives my Merch Listing Guide for FREE – AND – the Report that was last published.
  • Each new guide includes an exclusive set of approximately 15 high-end design elements, which you can use in your own Merch designs.

What's inside the Research- & Strategy Guides?

  • Comprehensive deep dive analysis of selected niches as well as their sub-niches
  • Detailed trend analysis and assessments using professional (and expensive) market data and statistics (e.g. Statista)
  • High-Level assessment of a niche's potential using my personally developed Niche-o-Meter
  • Evaluation of selected search terms and keywords for their market potential (search volume, level of competition). I also recommend you try out this free Merch Research tool.
  • Keyword/Tag Mindmaps that will support you in writing your product listings and other metadata.
  • Frequently used hashtags as well as popular online meeting points of the niche's target audience.
  • Popular quotes and designs for each niche.
  • Support in generating new ideas as well as the identification of new, lesser-known niches.
  • My Event Radar helps you keep track of the most important and lucrative upcoming events (US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland).
  • Comprehensive collections of quotes, which can be used for the selected niche, including proven Amazon search volume data.
  • A set of at least 15 exclusive design elements that you can use in your design for POD platforms or your own online shop.
  • Nearly every month you will also receive a Special Strategy Report with techniques and tactics on various different topics.

The NEXT edition will be released on 12 May 2024

The last edition was released on 28 April 2024

Special Strategy Report Schedule

Every month you'll receive a special guide on techniques and tactics as a BONUS.

  • NOW – Day 1: Merch + POD Listing Guide – (listings)
  • Month 2: Drilling Deep into Niches – (deep research)
  • Month 3: A Factory of Inspiration – (idea generation)
  • Month 4: Effective Design – (design)
  • Month 5: Niche Domination – (segmentation)
  • Month 6: Active Price Management – (pricing)
  • Month 7: Scale Like a Pro – (smart scaling)
  • Month 8: Automation – Unpacking Processes – (process analysis)
  • Month 9: Automation – Building Your Army – (outsourcing design)
  • Month 10: Automation – Crowdsourcing – (outsourcing data entry)
  • Month 11: Automation – Machine-driven Design – (scaling production)
  • Month 12: Conquering the World – (international research)
  • Month 13: Diversifying Your Portfolio – (diversification)
  • Month 14: Tier-based Strategies – (from T10 to T100k)
  • Month 15: Lord of the Algorithms – (marketplace search algorithms)
  • Month 16: Re-Investing vs. Consuming – (getting the most out of merch)
  • Month 17: Disruptive Forces in POD – (planning for chaos)
  • Month 18: Build to Sell & Buy to Build – (buying and selling MBA accounts)


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What else should I know?

  • You receive the Merch + POD Listing Guide as a special report for FREE immediately after signing up.
  • You also immediately receive the Report that was last published prior to your subscription date.
  • Old Research Reports (Volumes 002, 003...etc) are no longer available via the regular subscription and can only be purchased separately at higher price.
  • Old Strategy Reports (special editions that teach methods and tactics) are sent out to new subscribers on a month-to-month basis. That means, you receive a new one as a bonus each month for as long as you remain subscribed. Please note that if you decide to cancel and re-subscribe at a later date, this will reset the clock and you'll have to start all over again. Anything else would be unreasonably unfair towards my loyal subscribers.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • If you have a Gmail-Account, there's a good chance that emails from me or from Gumroad will end up in your Promotions tab or spam folder. I can't control this. However, you can teach Gmail that you want to receive these emails by pulling the emails from those tabs back into the Inbox. Over time, Gmail will get better at this :)
  • I run a 100% satisfaction guaranteed business. If you unhappy with something, please send me an email and I'll find a solution for you :)

Questions? Need help?

Just send me a message at


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The Heidorn Report: Merch Research & Strategy

62 ratings